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News July 2016

Investigating the Safety of E-cigarettes on Your Health

Thanks to your support, we’re able to fund a variety of researchers working towards a common goal – the improved health and… Read More

News July 2016

An Exciting New Partnership!

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Quest on Franklin! The popular hotel has generously offered discounted accommodated for… Read More

News July 2016

Can You Imagine a World Free of Breast Cancer?

In the world of science, a paper published in the journal Nature, the “Mount Everest” for researchers, is an incredible achievement. For Dr… Read More

News July 2016

United They Trek for a Future Free of Cancer

Nothing is more powerful than a small group of people coming together with a common goal and we’re so incredibly grateful to… Read More

News June 2016

$1million to Boost Research at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

MEDIA RELEASE Tuesday, 21 June 2016 $1million to Boost Research at the Royal Adelaide Hospital RAH Research Fund Medical Research Impact Grant… Read More

News May 2016

Our brand transition…

In creating a new visual brand for the RAH Research Fund we looked to the double helix for inspiration. It serves as… Read More

News May 2016

Become a Hospital Hero!

You can join an exceptional group of people who help make the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) the best place for you and… Read More

News May 2016

Understanding Congenital Heart Disease

Kick starting her three year post-doctoral Mary Overton Early Career Fellowship from the RAH Research Fund, Dr Sophie Wiszniak wants to provide… Read More

News May 2016

Solving the Snakebite Puzzle

Worldwide, at least 100,000 people will die each year from snakebites. This is a frightening statistic and while the rate of deaths… Read More

News May 2016

Lending a Helping Hand

Immigrating from the UK to Adelaide in 1999, Cedric and Amanda Meyer have been a blessing to the South Australian community, donating… Read More

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