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Cancer January 2017

Lillies for Leukemia

The Lillies for Leukemia group have been a major supporter of the RAH Research Fund and we are so thankful for their… Read More

Cancer January 2017

An Exciting New Approach to Lung Cancer Treatment

Within the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) labs, Adelaide’s Medical Research Institute dedicated to cancer, a new drug has been developed with… Read More

Cancer January 2017

Fulfilling her Daughter’s Wishes

When diagnosed with ovarian cancer 12 days prior to her 30th birthday Kylie Anne Jaensch was determined to fight the disease head… Read More

Cancer January 2017

Pancreatic Cancer Research Given a Boost by the Vietnamese Community

We are constantly amazed by the generosity of our community and the local Vietnamese community is no exception. Recently holding a fundraising… Read More

Cancer January 2017

Could Tiny Genes Stop the Spread of Breast Cancer?

Imagine the impact for breast cancer sufferers if doctors and scientists knew how to stop the spread of this potentially deadly disease…. Read More

Cancer October 2016

In Memory of Leeanne

Maxine Norton has high hopes for a world free of the heartbreak caused by cancer. At 90 years old, Maxine has been… Read More

Cancer October 2016

World First Project Gives Hope to Prostate Cancer

Your generous support of world-class research through the RAH Research Fund is providing a boost to research undertaken by Professor Gary Wittert,… Read More

Cancer October 2016

A Promising Protein to Target Lung Cancer – Thanks to You!

Can you imagine a world free of the heartbreak from lung cancer? Thanks to your support of the RAH Research Fund, researchers… Read More

Cancer July 2016

Can You Imagine a World Free of Breast Cancer?

In the world of science, a paper published in the journal Nature, the “Mount Everest” for researchers, is an incredible achievement. For Dr… Read More

Cancer January 2016

“Medical Research Saved My Life”

Michael Jordan was 16 years old living life to the fullest when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). His life… Read More

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