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Medical Research July 2016

The RAH Saved My Life Four Times

For Pat Goodwin the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and the hardworking researchers supported by the RAH Research Fund hold a very special… Read More

Medical Research July 2016

Kidney Research – It’s Changing Lives

For young women and men living with kidney disease, the decision to start a family can be a difficult one. What are… Read More

Medical Research July 2016

Investigating the Safety of E-cigarettes on Your Health

Thanks to your support, we’re able to fund a variety of researchers working towards a common goal – the improved health and… Read More

Medical Research July 2016

Can You Imagine a World Free of Breast Cancer?

In the world of science, a paper published in the journal Nature, the “Mount Everest” for researchers, is an incredible achievement. For Dr… Read More

Medical Research May 2016

Understanding Congenital Heart Disease

Kick starting her three year post-doctoral Mary Overton Early Career Fellowship from the RAH Research Fund, Dr Sophie Wiszniak wants to provide… Read More

Medical Research May 2016

Intervening on a Global Problem – Lower Back Pain

Affecting an estimated 84 per cent of people at some stage of their lives, lower back pain has become an area in… Read More

Medical Research March 2016

At the Heart of Medical Research

Patient volunteers are critical to successful medical research. They are the people who offer their valuable time to help researchers better understand… Read More

Medical Research January 2016

The Power of Protein: Managing Type 2 Diabetes

We’ve all heard about the benefits of protein in the diet, but did you know it could also have a beneficial effect… Read More

Medical Research January 2016

“Medical Research Saved My Life”

Michael Jordan was 16 years old living life to the fullest when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). His life… Read More

Medical Research January 2016

Investigating the Spread of Cancer

Metastasis – the spread of cancers to secondary sites in the body is the main cause of death in many types of… Read More

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