Pioneering work at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) to help sufferers with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

There is no cure for IBD. The debilitating disease can only be managed.

Prof Jane Andrews, Head of IBD Services at the RAH has been piloting a psychological screening and mental health support program for chronic sufferers of IBD.

A ‘trinity’ of care has been trialled at the RAH with promising results – medicine, surgery and a third level of care for the psyche, via hospital-based psychological intervention.

The trial has clearly demonstrated the need for integrated care for IBD patients, with improvements seen in mental health and quality of life, and a decreased need for hospital visits. However, funding for the psychologist position runs out in September this year and a researcher is desperately needed to further evaluate results and provide ongoing mental health support.

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Seán, a patient with Crohn’s disease, is an advocate for psychological support, having witnessed the impact on his own life and dealing with the on-going physical and emotional impacts.

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The statistics for IBD are alarming

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If you share our vision of the benefits of treating mental health issues for patients with debilitating IBD, please support the RAH Research Fund and Prof Andrews’ research.

Together we can find cures for chronic diseases.

Together we can help sufferers with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

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