All CALHN grant applications must be registered with the CALHN Research Office.

Once a grant has been awarded, the CALHN Research Office will assist and advise the researcher regarding post-grant approval processes and ethics and governance applications which must be completed prior to a study commencing.

Note: if any funds are paid to or from CALHN a research agreement must be in place. Please contact the CALHN Research Office to discuss.

Ph: 08 7117 2217

NHMRC Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF): Keeping Australians Out of Hospital - now open for application

The Medical Research Future Fund – Keeping Australians Out of Hospital grant opportunity will support research into evidence-based, implementable and scalable preventive health measures that aim to prevent the development, or promote better management of complex and chronic health conditions, improve quality of life for people with these conditions and keep them out of hospital.

Applications must satisfy all the requirements set out in the 2018 MRFF Keeping Australians Out of Hospital Grant Guidelines.

Applications must be submitted electronically using NHMRC’s online Research Grants Management System (RGMS).

Minimum Data due: Wednesday 16 January 2019 at 5:00pm AEDT

Applications close: Wednesday 30 January 2019 5:00pm AEDT

2019 RAH Research Committee Grants - now closed

Applications for the 2019 RAH Research Committee (RRC) Project Grants, Awards, Scholarships and Fellowships are now closed.

For all grant inquiries;

Ph: 08 7117 2217

The Ray and Shirl Norman Cancer Research Trust (the Trust) was set up following the death of Raymond Simpson Norman to fund “research into the prevention and cure of cancer and anything incidental or conducive to those purposes”. The Health Services Charitable Gifts Board (HSCGB) is the trustee of the Trust.

Research Grants funded by the Trust are administered by the Health Services Charitable Gifts Board with the aim of supporting cancer research at the RAH. It is recognised that while some aspects of work funded may be carried out at other sites, the majority of the project should be undertaken at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and/or the Hanson Institute for Cancer Research.

For enquiries:
Ph: (08) 8221 7125

For information regarding the availability of external Grants and Awards please refer to the

Basil Hetzel Institute website Bulletin of Funding

For TQEH Grant Applications please contact Gwenda Graves at or phone +61 8 8222 7836. 

For RAH Grant Applications please contact or phone +61 7117 2217

RAH Research Institute

Role of the Researcher for all awarded grants

On award of the grant the Researcher must contact the CALHN – RGO.

The Researcher must provide to the CALHN Research Office:

  • Email with project title, reference to the Grant Agreement Number (MyIP#) and brief description of the project and a list of their attached documents (as below)
  • Copy of the final version of the grant proposal
  • Copy of the grant agreement
  • Copy of the current HREC application (specific to the project)
  • Copy of the protocol/project outline (specific to the project)
  • Copy of the current HREC approval letter (specific to the project)
  • If a full project, a signed Site Specific Assessment (SSA – Online Forms application) for final authorisation or,
  • If a Low Negligible Risk project, a signed Low Negligible Risk Ethics Governance Agreement (LNREGA) Form for final authorisation
  • Copy of Biosafety/chemical/Radiation Safety Approval letters (if applicable)
  • Copy of current Insurance/Indemnities (if non SA Health Employees)
  • Copy of current CV’s of all listed Researchers including HR clearances (e.g. police clearances etc.)
  • Approved Budget – with copy of quotes for consumables etc.
  • Signed Collaboration or Services Agreement for final authorisation (if applicable)


The CALHN RGO will on notification of a successful awarded grant:

  • Contact the Researcher and arrange to meet and discuss their project and advise them of the documents required to obtain authorisation and approval to commence their project.
  • Liaise with the Researcher, Ethics Offices, appropriate University Research Offices, and collaborating institutions to ensure that all documentation is in order before submitting governance documents and agreements for final CALHN Executive authorisation and approvals.
  • Advise on the appropriate mechanism for financial management of the grant, and directing completed paperwork to relevant Finance delegates.
  • Liaise with the Researcher, Ethics Offices, CALHN Finance Office, Business Managers, Funding bodies, appropriate University Research Offices and collaborating institutions regarding the submission of progress and final reports, project variations and general queries in relation to the grant funds per the agreement
  • Provide an advisory service to the Researcher, CALHN Finance Office and Business Manager in regards to the legitimate expenditure of funds in accordance with the specific funding agreement.

CALHN Research Governance Office Authorisation

Once the Project has been authorised by CALHN Executive the CALHN RGO will contact the Researcher by email with a copy of the Governance approval letter and copy of the signed Governance form (SSA or LNREGA form) giving permission to commence their project.

Progress and Final Reports

  • The Researcher must forward a progress report (as requested) and a final report to the CALHN RGO at the completion of their project.
  • The Researcher must forward all progress and final reports to the University as dictated by the funding agreement (if applicable).

The RAH Research Committee as an advisory body is responsible for developing recommendations for approval by the Chief Operating Officer (COO) regarding;

  • Current and potential sources of research grant funding
  • The expenditure of unallocated research grant funding
  • The distribution of RIBG Infrastructure funding
  • Policies and procedures relating to research funds
  • Ranking and prioritising internal grants for funding
  • Liaising with external bodies (including SA Pathology, SAHMRI, Universities, Government Departments, funding bodies, media and other external stakeholders).


The RAH Research Committee is also responsible for:

  • Reviewing research grants and projects to ensure that safety is considered in all activities
  • Providing oversight and advising the COO in regard to deciding how RAH Research Funds and Health Services Charitable Gifts Board (HSCGB) should be disbursed
  • Establishing and monitoring research sub-committees and working committees as required
  • Promoting quality research within the hospital and the Hanson Institute, and facilitating the training and mentoring of early career researchers
  • Acting as the legitimate advocate for RAH Researchers and research personnel.