All CALHN grant applications must be registered with CALHN Research Services.

Once a grant has been awarded, CALHN Research Services will assist and advise the researcher regarding post-grant approval processes and ethics and governance applications which must be completed prior to a study commencing.

Note: if any funds are paid to or from CALHN a research agreement must be in place. Please contact CALHN Research Services to discuss.

Ph: 08 7117 2217

2020 RAH Research Committee Clinical Project Grants

The RAH Research Committee (RRC) provides an administrative, advisory and support service to researchers funded by grants. One of its major roles is to monitor the use of research funds to ensure that conditions of the grant are being met.

Researchers funded by the RRC are closely affiliated with RAH departments. This strong bond ensures a close alignment of research with the need to improve medical practice through translational research to improve the quality of life of patients.

2020 RRC Clinical Project Grants are now open for application. 

Clinical projects are defined as “projects that centre on groups of patients or other human subjects, individuals with informative clinical problems or are physiological or epidemiological in scope”. The involvement of patients can be at the level of correlations between clinical observations and laboratory or pathology findings or observed effects of specific therapeutic interventions. Applications that do not fulfil these criteria will not be considered.

Applications must be submitted on the application template provided below and emailed as a searchable PDF file to CALHN Research Services via email to

Applications must be received by CALHN Research Services no later than 4:00pm Friday 22 November 2019. Late applications will not be accepted.

2020 RRC Clinical Project Grant Application Guidelines
2020 RRC Clinical Project Grant Application Form