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Adelaide at the Forefront of Treatment for Pancreatitis

The Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) could soon be home to an Australian-first – a new treatment for people suffering from chronic pancreatitis. With your support through the RAH Research Fund Medical Research Impact Grant Round, Professor Toby Coates will cast South Australia into the spotlight as he prepares to introduce an Islet Auto Transplantation program as a treatment for patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis. read more


At the Heart of Medical Research

Patient volunteers are critical to successful medical research. They are the people who offer their valuable time to help researchers better understand diseases, trial new treatments and hopefully one day in the future, find cures. read more


The Power of Protein: Managing Type 2 Diabetes

We’ve all heard about the benefits of protein in the diet, but did you know it could also have a beneficial effect on glucose control for Type 2 Diabetes patients? A recently completed clinical trial has shown a small amount of protein, consumed 30 minutes before a meal, can effectively reduce the rise in blood glucose by stimulating the gut hormone secretion process and slowing the stomach emptying rate in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. read more