For Researchers - RAH Research Fund

Framework for research funding

The Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund supports research undertaken at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

All research projects must first be approved by the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) Research Office.

The CALHN Research Office is responsible for the governance of research activities conducted at sites across its network, including the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Research governance is a framework through which institutions are accountable for the research they allow to be conducted.

Research must be conducted according to ethical principles, guidelines for responsible research conduct, legislation and regulations. Research governance is about responsibility and managing the quality, safety, privacy, risk, finances and ethical acceptability of research.

Access to funding is through application to the Health Services Charitable Gifts Board where donations to the RAH Research Fund are vested.

More information:

Bernadette Swart
Manager, CALHN Research
T: 08 71172209

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