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A legacy honouring Life

A precious gift to medical research in your Will

A bequest is a precious, personal gift. Not only will it honour your memory, your generosity will provide a lasting legacy to enable the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) medical professionals and researchers to find better treatments, better care and ultimately cures.

Your kind gesture will help to ensure a healthier future for your children, grandchildren and generations to come.

After all, whether it is heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, dementia or any other medical complication, we all need expert care at some stage of our lives. The impact of serious illness or injury impacts not only ourselves, but also family and friends.

We know that your support is a personal commitment, so you are welcome to nominate the area of medical research that you wish your bequest to be directed. And rest assured that your gift stays right here in South Australia, supporting local medical advancements.

The RAH Research Fund will always handle your bequest wisely and respectfully. Our Charter is our commitment to you.


  1. We recognise that you have entrusted us with a personal gift and will at all times act with integrity and commit to honour your wishes.
  2. We will ensure that your gift is used wisely, cost effectively and will be directed as per your instructions.
  3. As this is a personal commitment, we will give you space to make your own decision in your own time and in your own way.
  4. Naturally, your family and loved ones will always come first and we will respect that relationship now and in the future.
  5. We will respect your privacy and will not publicly discuss or disclose the provisions in your will without your written permission.
  6. We will give you the opportunity to connect with the medical life-saving work we do which is supported by generous gifts such as your bequest.

When the time is right, you can make a bequest as part of your Will. The most common ways to leave a gift in your Will are:

  • A percentage gift – a nominated percentage of your estate
  • A residual gift – what remains of your estate after family and friends have been provided for
  • A specific gift – a nominated amount or specific item such as property, shares, or particular items of value.

Our Bequest Booklet

A legacy honouring life explains how to leave a gift to the RAH Research Fund in your Will.

You can download a copy below or we will be pleased to mail you a printed copy so you can take time to consider your wishes.

Download Bequest Booklet

If you would like a friendly chat about leaving a gift to the Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund in your Will please contact us:

T: (08) 7074 1445