Governance - RAH Research Fund

How your generous gift is administered

The Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund knows that your generous donation or bequest has been given from the heart. At all times we will ensure your gift is used wisely and respectfully.

By law* all donations made to the RAH Research Fund are vested with the Health Services Charitable Gifts Board (HSCGB), ensuring the highest levels of governance and distribution of funds.

The HSCGB was established in 2011 to hold charitable gifts and donations received by public hospitals and research institutions, replacing the former Commissioners of Charitable Funds.

Funds held are invested to earn a return and are then applied for research, services and equipment in accordance with the purpose for which the funds were originally donated.

A rigorous process is in place that must be followed for researchers to gain access to the funds held by the HSCGB.

Researchers apply for funding and must provide full details of how the funds are to be used. There are also strict criteria that must be met before any funds are released for research.

Rest assured that if you wish your donation or bequest to be used for a particular area of research, it will be recorded and respected.

Donations of $2 or over to the RAH Research Fund are tax deductible and you will be issued with a receipt.

More information about the Health Services Gifts Board:

* Health Services Charitable Gifts Act 2011 (HSCGB Act)