Raising funds to benefit medical research and enhanced patient care
at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

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How have your donations been put to use?

In 2017/18, your donations allowed the purchase and funding of;

$5,100,000 on new research grants
$1,100,000 on fellowships
$500,000 on scholarships

Why is the RAH Research Fund so important?

While State and Federal Government funding provides essential health services and some research funding, it cannot pay for everything. The RAH Research Fund’s role is to help fill this gap – to provide extra funding that will help current and future patients receive the finest healthcare possible.Find out more about how you can support this important work.  Get involved >

Allocation of funds

More than $6.2 million was raised by the Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund in the last financial year. That commitment from the community is helping our researchers find medical breakthroughs to help people suffering from terrible diseases such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, renal disease, dementia, to name but a few.  None of this would be possible without you; our donors, community fundraisers and volunteers. Thank you. See where your donations go >

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