An Acquired Brain Injury is sudden, traumatic and life-changing.

Together we can change the lives of families living with brain injury.

To help families cope with the devastation of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and better support children adjusting to change, an innovative research project is underway at the South Australia Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services (SABIRS) at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre in collaboration with Flinders University, College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

This research project is an extension of a pilot study by Researcher Dr Maggie Killington (Coordinator of Research at SAIBRS) and her team, investigating the impact on children and their parents after one parent has a brain injury.

This vital research will help families cope with the devastation of ABI and provide better support for children and young adults.

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ABI is a sudden, traumatic and life-changing experience – not only for the person affected, but for their entire family.

Dean Fyfe and his family recently worked with Dr Killington on the study.

Dean Fyfe and his four children were devastated when mum Cheryl suffered an ABI after a car accident. There were many things for Dean to consider – especially how the children would cope with their mum’s injury.

Everything changed in an instant. We were thrown into a frightening and confusing new world. Hospitals, doctors, life support machines. Cheryl’s life was hanging in the balance. Cheryl lived – but as an entirely new person.

Our four kids were aged 16, 14, 13, and 10 on the day of the accident. There were so many things to deal with, but in amongst the confusion, there was one thing I knew instinctively. I knew I had to seek help for our children.

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Dr Maggie Killington

“We found that sadly clinicians are not well-equipped to talk to children about the injury that has been sustained, and the non-injured parent is not receiving sufficient information on how to support their children.”

Dr Maggie Killington, Coordinator of Research at South Australia Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services.

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