Life-saving discoveries being conducted at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

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Every four days, a child with rare cancer dies.

And every day of the week, 10 adults will die. 

Imagine living with the knowledge that every day with your loved ones might be your last.

This is the devastating scenario facing South Australians with rare cancers right now.  There are few effective treatments.

There is little hope… until now.

Prof. Michael Brown, Head of RAH Cancer Clinical Trials Unit; Head of Translational Oncology Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology, and Prof. Hamish Scott, Head of Genetics and Molecular Pathology in the Centre for Cancer Biology and SA Pathology, are about to begin a new South Australian study to improve the diagnosis and treatment of rare cancers.

The research is a unique collaboration between The Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA Pathology and The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, and other leading research facilities across Australia.

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Prof Hamish Scott and Prof Michael Brown

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