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I had no obvious symptoms, just tiredness and some leg swelling – until I found a lump in my groin.

So you can imagine my devastation when I was told in January this year I had inoperable ovarian cancer, that had also spread to my liver and stomach.

I felt numb coming away from the GP appointment. It couldn’t be happening, I have always been so fit and full of energy.

It was difficult to comprehend that my cancer had spread so quickly without me even knowing it existed. That’s why it’s called the silent killer, because ovarian cancer is often discovered late.

Now I’m on chemo every third week. I have been positive in my outlook and have wonderful friends and family around me.

I have done all I can to help myself and intend to beat this. But, the future remains uncertain.

By telling my story, I hope I can help anyone living with this insidious disease, or like Dr Pitman, striving to find a way to diagnose it earlier, or find a cure.

Your support could change everything for people like me.

If you are able, please support Dr Pitman’s work. This will save lives.

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Thanks Judy

PS I have included above a photo of my precious family; my sister, my daughters and my granddaughters. On average, four women are being diagnosed with ovarian cancer every day^ so we must act now for all future generations.

^ Source: https://ocrf.com.au/about-ovarian-cancer/statistics/

With your support we can bring hope to women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

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