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Gastrointestinal Liver Tissue Repository (GLiTR)

Quite often ground-breaking research comes from successful translation of laboratory findings to clinical medicine. In order for this to be successful, typically a large number of laboratory experiments need to be conducted to ensure potential treatments are both safe and effective.

However, many rare conditions never have the opportunity to be studied in the laboratory as there is not a system available to collect valuable tissue samples and medical information as they occur.

Associate Professor Tse and his team at the RAH has developed a repository, or biobank, to collect not only tissue samples, but also medical information ethically.

The biobank known as Gastrointestinal Liver Tissue Repository (GLiTR) has the potential to not only allow for collaborating research more efficiently, but accelerate advances in medical science.

Already, GLiTR has facilitated research with several South Australian research teams in the areas of viral hepatitis and intestinal infection. In the near future, the team will be expanding their field of research, exploring the possibility of linking viral hepatitis with neurological conditions such as Guilliain Barre Syndrome and other neuro-immune disorders.

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