John and Lynda’s story - RAH Research Fund

Diabetes research participant, John and Lynda, discussing results with Dr Tongzhi Wu.

“I’m very grateful for research like this because we can pass it onto future generations. It’s not really about me and Lynda, it’s about everyone – all our children and grandchildren.” Diabetes research participant, John.

John and Lynda have generously donated their time as RAH research volunteers and hope Dr Wu’s study will bring greater relief and improve quality of life for people with diabetes.

“In late 2012, I volunteered for a ‘prediabetic’ study. My results came back as no longer ‘pre’ and I began taking metformin. When I heard about the ‘Whey to Go’ study in 2013, I signed up and have been a volunteer ever since,” said John.

“I also had an answer for the classic grandpa ‘afternoon’ nap. It was not because I was getting older – it was sugar issues.

“In six short years, my capacity to do things has decreased faster than I would have expected. Medication helps, but I have to avoid certain foods and I have to take things at a slower pace, especially when travelling, which Lynda and I love to do.

“Please continue your support, if you can. I can only continue my participation if this research is financially supported,” said John.

Please donate today so together we can change lives.


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