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End-stage kidney disease patient, Elias Iliopolous, receiving dialysis treatment.

“Having already battled cancer, I began dialysis with a fear of needles. I will never forget the complex preparations for my first dialysis treatment. There were five nurses involved. It was so stressful and the pain from the needle insertion was excruciating.”
End-stage kidney disease patient, Elias Iliopolous.

Associate Professor Jesudason’s work is crucial for patients like Elias, a dialysis patient who deals with his needle fear every week.

“It was devastating to be told that I had kidney disease, both for me and my family – to know that my life was in danger. I now face a future of dialysis unless I am fortunate enough to have a kidney transplant.

“When you support the RAH Research Fund and Associate Professor Jesudason’s research, your generosity will change lives. You’ll be making your own contribution towards supporting and comforting South Australians receiving dialysis.

“I’m so grateful for research by professionals like Associate Professor Jesudason. Any progress gives me hope for the future,” said Elias.

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