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Volunteer Profile 28 September 2018

Volunteer Profile: Isobelle Brett

Isobelle is proud to wear the purple shirt as a Volunteer Guide one day a week. One of the friendly faces located all around the hospital, she helps welcome people to the Royal Adelaide Hospital and is one of the friendly faces at the RAH Research Fund Hub.

What motivates you to volunteer?
My husband and I were lucky to retire early at 60 and feel we now have time to give a bit back to others; no grandkids yet. In the past I have volunteered in many situations whether that’s social secretary at the 4×4 car club or on the school council. I like to keep active and be involved in a community.

Why did you choose the RAH Research Fund?
In a previous life I was a Medical Secretary in the United Kingdom and Melbourne and I liked the hospital environment and community feeling. I started out volunteering in the kiosk at the old RAH and after a four month absence travelling halfway round Australia I returned to the new RAH, in the gift shop at first, then as a Guide and in the Research Fund.

What do you enjoy about your role?
A lot of people find hospitals daunting, so if visitors look like they need a bit of help finding where they need to go, we walk them to the right place. You can have a chit chat along the way or keep quiet if they prefer. In the afternoons you’ll find me at the RAH Research Fund Hub counter assisting people with any questions about the Research Fund.

Would you recommend volunteering to others?
Yes it gives you a sense of focus, having a responsibility to be somewhere and a feeling of well-being. Having a friendly face on the front counter is so important to the Research Fund and doing odd jobs is also a great help to the staff.

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