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Research to Beat Skin Cancer and Multiple Myeloma

Thanks to your generous support, Dr Lisa Ebert, a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) is pursuing vital… Read More

World First Finding – A Hidden Protein Promoting Cancer

PhD Candidate from the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) Heidi Neubauer has led a world-first discovery proving a protein plays a pivotal… Read More

Striving for Impact in Cancer Research

Associate Professor Simon Conn wants to have an impact on the lives of others. His first step? Save the life of one… Read More

An Exciting New Approach to Lung Cancer Treatment

Within the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) labs, Adelaide’s Medical Research Institute dedicated to cancer, a new drug has been developed with… Read More

Paving the Way in Life-Changing Schizophrenia Research

“I work under the hope that what we do, with your help, can make a difference.” Dr Quenten Schwarz from the Centre… Read More

Could Tiny Genes Stop the Spread of Breast Cancer?

Imagine the impact for breast cancer sufferers if doctors and scientists knew how to stop the spread of this potentially deadly disease…. Read More

A Promising Protein to Target Lung Cancer – Thanks to You!

Can you imagine a world free of the heartbreak from lung cancer? Thanks to your support of the RAH Research Fund, researchers… Read More

Investigating the Spread of Cancer

Metastasis – the spread of cancers to secondary sites in the body is the main cause of death in many types of… Read More

Three-Year Fellowship Enhancing Anti-Cancer Therapy Research

Joining Professor Stuart Pitson’s Molecular Signalling Laboratory six years ago, Postdoctoral Researcher, Dr Melissa Pitman has been able to bring a valuable… Read More

Lymphoedema: Adelaide Researchers Unlocking the Gene Puzzle

Affecting more than 140 million people worldwide, lymphoedema is an inherited condition but can also be caused by serious damage or injury… Read More