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The Power of Protein: Managing Type 2 Diabetes

We’ve all heard about the benefits of protein in the diet, but did you know it could also have a beneficial effect on glucose control for Type 2 Diabetes patients? A recently completed clinical trial has shown a small amount of protein, consumed 30 minutes before a meal, can effectively reduce the rise in blood glucose by stimulating the gut hormone secretion process and slowing the stomach emptying rate in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. read more


Preventing Neck Dislocation

PhD student Ryan Quarrington is pursuing his love of mechanical engineering and interest in research by examining Cervical Facet Dislocation, a potentially devastating neck injury that often causes spinal cord injury and is frequently a result of car accidents. read more


Investigating the Spread of Cancer

Metastasis – the spread of cancers to secondary sites in the body is the main cause of death in many types of cancers including breast cancer. In a bid to determine ways to stop this spread and ultimately reduce the numbers of lives lost, Adelaide researchers are looking closely at a protein in the body, which has been found to be mutated in many of the common cancers. read more