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News 3 May 2017

You can help…

Would you like to help the Vascular Biology Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology with their research? One way you can is by contributing to this much-needed piece of equipment – a Multi-Photon Microscope Laser.

This laser (the only one of its kind in SA) enables very sensitive detection and analysis of cellular proteins.

It will allow the Vascular Biology Laboratory to very sensitively determine the ability of:

  • new anti-cancer agents to reduce cancer burden and tumour growth (for melanoma and breast cancer),
  • new anti-allergy treatments to prevent the development of chronic inflammation
  • new vascular devices to overcome the blocked arteries and veins in heart disease

This laser will also be used by the following laboratories to advance their scientific discoveries for better health outcomes related to Tumour Microenvironment and Molecular Regulation.

Cost: $25,000

If you would like to contribute to this piece of equipment please phone the RAH Research Fund 08 8222 5281

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