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Research to Beat Skin Cancer and Multiple Myeloma

Thanks to your generous support, Dr Lisa Ebert, a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) is pursuing vital… Read More

World First Finding – A Hidden Protein Promoting Cancer

PhD Candidate from the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) Heidi Neubauer has led a world-first discovery proving a protein plays a pivotal… Read More

News January 2017

Fulfilling her Daughter’s Wishes

When diagnosed with ovarian cancer 12 days prior to her 30th birthday Kylie Anne Jaensch was determined to fight the disease head… Read More

News October 2016

In Memory of Leeanne

Maxine Norton has high hopes for a world free of the heartbreak caused by cancer. At 90 years old, Maxine has been… Read More

News October 2016

Jumping on the Bike for Cancer Research

The members of The Cancer Research Advocate Bikers (CRAB) are passionate about supporting the work of cancer researchers at the Royal Adelaide… Read More

Three-Year Fellowship Enhancing Anti-Cancer Therapy Research

Joining Professor Stuart Pitson’s Molecular Signalling Laboratory six years ago, Postdoctoral Researcher, Dr Melissa Pitman has been able to bring a valuable… Read More

News August 2015

Living Proof Medical Research Saves Lives

Matt Jackson from the RAH Research Fund was a carefree 19-year-old on the brink of beginning his adult life, when he was… Read More